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Thoughts from Cardinal Hume - The Blessed Sacrament

"A Catholic church is a place where the people of God gather, but
it is also a place where Christ is truly and sacramentally present. 
It is this presence which gives a Catholic church its special character.
We must do all we can to enhance our awareness of this abiding
presence of Our Lord.  We need in the Church today to recapture our
devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

It is a wonderful practice just to sit or kneel in the presence of the
Blessed Sacrament, and in a marvellous way a kind of 'presence' begins
to reveal itself to us - just being in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament,
mind open, heart open, trying to experience something which is unique 
and which lies beyond our capacity to explain or understand. It requires
prayerfulness, it requires humility.  It requires us to admit our own 
deficiencies and limitations, to be able to say in the presence of Our
Lord in the Blessed Sacrament: 'I do believe.  Help thou my unbelief.'
It does work."

Cardinal George Basil Hume OSB copyright The Mystery of the Incarnation, DLT, 1999

Like me, I'm sure you will find these words of Basil Hume very helpful,
especially those of you who are committed to the Apostolate of Eucharistric 

Please note our article in the current issue of the Diocesan Directory (2015) it is
rightly under the section on 'Vocations', on page 27.

With my prayerful good wishes.

Fr. Tom

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